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Gps Vehicle Tracking System

Tracking2u is a leading service provider of GPS Vehicle Tracking System company based in Coimbatore for Fleet management (Lorry, Truck, Mini-Auto, Heavy vehicles, etc.,) in Logistics, Distribution & Supply-Chain management monitoring service, Tractors in agriculture purpose, Tour vehicle providers, Corporate taxi and commercial autorickshaw service, and School bus tracking solutions. Other than Commercial purpose, the GPS tracker also helps to secure your domestic vehicles like Car, Jeep, Van (Four wheelers), Scooter, Bike, (Two Wheelers), while you had to park somewhere anonymously. We provide a mobile solution for tracking device simply with a dedicated smartphone application or by logging on the tracking website. Omnibus GPS tracker - Installing the vehicle tracking system in traveler bus, as if a passenger needs to track the vehicle he waits for, is done with the GPS location of the tracking device installed in that bus. If it is a feature phone, no worries; the user will be getting regular SMS updates on vehicle movement from GPS location of the vehicle tracker.

GPS tracking device is not only used to track your vehicle but, also used as a Personal tracker or GPS location tracker for securing your kids when you are not there to protect them, actually, you are virtual protector with tracking2u GPS tracker online. School bus which takes the children to and fro from home to school and vice-versa is attached to vehicle tracking system safe check boarding of their kids. Even within the school campus, parents can set virtual fencing around the school, so, if the children with tracking devices crossover the boundary limit, an alert will be sent to the registered mobile number. By investing a small amount from your pocket ensures the safety of your loved ones.

Moreover finally, there is an "Asset Tracker" where you can make sure that shipments are reached the destination safely as it takes more time than another mode of transportation. If in a cargo, the receiver can check for the arrival of the parcel with delivery time by sharing a login access to track only until the parcel reaches the destination.

Tracking2u provides CCTV camera with high resolution and integrated voice recorder Surveillance cameras for all your domestic and commercial places. Our services include IP camera, Mobile Monitoring Service with playback recording options supporting all kind of Smartphones. There are several types of security camera’s that we provide in our service said to be In-door security camera, Home depository vault camera, Baby monitoring camera with mic, IP Camera, Wireless CCTV camera, Night-vision Camera with a specific requirement to the indoor and outdoor facility. As based on the number of camera’s installed, the DVR(Digital-Video-Recorder) is chosen mostly as 4 channel DVR or 8 Channel DVR. If planned to increase further cameras, can simply attach extra cameras to available DVR ports. Only latest branded Hikvision CCTV cameras used, to go hassle-free warranty claim directly from the company itself. As concerned in securing the company products, manufacture monitoring service, a real-time surveillance in the supermarket, securing valuable jewels, protecting costly dresses in textiles, toll-gate verification for company vehicles, employees and other services are achieved by our professional security camera installers. As required to monitor your company 24/7 or even in the night time, no light at the premises, no problem, that's where Night-Vision HD camera comes in recording videos with the quality of 720P and 1080P. Based on the version of the camera, a number of camera’s, the size of hard disk is selected for the recording purpose, as if anything wrong happens we can analyze the video recorded in the DVR’s hard disk.

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Gps vehicle tracking system


The Transportation and Logistics industry has to face daily challenges when it comes to keeping up the timely delivery of goods, made ease with tracking2u.

Gps tracker


We offer state of the art services when it comes to monitoring vehicles in the travel, from your office seat itself at your palm and makes sure that all the vehicles are running within the virtual boundary limit.

Gps tracker


Keep your children and grown old parents close to you with the GPS personal tracker all the time and an SOS feature button when they need help.

Gps vehicle tracker


In the fast and hectic world of today, both parents, as well as school administration, are the very much concerned safety of children while boarding a school bus.

vehicle tracker


Protect your costly bike from theft with more than just physical locks, in a more secure way by GPS tracker with the location of GPS receiver device.

vehicle tracker


For tracking real time location of the bus by passenger.

vehicle tracking system


Get regular updates on the family members driving status (Speed, Location, and Trip History etc.,) and security of the car.

vehicle tracker


Efficient and safe operations are vital to the energy industry, particularly those involved with oil & gas production, exploration, and supplies with fuel monitoring service.

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