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Gps Vehicle Tracking System

To count everything in the business of day-to-day delivering process likethe supply of fresh vegetables, milk from district to district and a night onto morning delivery then fleet management is a must service in these mini-autos, tempos, trucks, lorries and so on with a GPS vehicle tracking system that showing the live location of a vehicle to the registered person and to name best GPS tracker in the market – Tracking2u, Coimbatore.On commercial use to saynot only in the logistics, delivery service, supply chain management system, automatic tractor function in agriculture, JCB machines, Crane operating vehicles, school bus and other light motor vehicles such as tour operators, individual taxi or cab services, self-drive cars and autorickshaw services uses the GPS tracking system more effectively on for different purposes. To concern the same scenario for the personal use of tracking a vehicle such as a car, SUV, MUV types of four-wheeler and scooters, motorbikes especially the battery version of two-wheelers being introduced in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India that reduces earth’s global warming depend only upon this vehicle tracking system.The hardware part concern is over, but what it may be in the case of software to track a vehicle – to say there are two dedicated ways one can search their vehicle on a live maps GPS location along with data service through online developed secured platform in computer browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, etc and dedicated smart phone application with more 98.99% accuracy from Tracking2u, Coimbatore.

While above simply we noted that school buses would install GPS tracking system to it but it has or each vehicle has its custom filled or required features for their specified purpose one can expect from Tracking2u here to say that a parent who is going to board the child will receive an alert when the bus comes nearby their way so that no one needs to wait so long for the bus in the street. In the same way, the parents can track the live location of their children's school bus on their smartphone or if in case of just having a feature phone, no worries the registered mobile number with GPS vehicle tracker would get the regular position or stop updates regularly through SMS.Again the same GPS tracking system tech is used by a school to live track the vehicle for the safety of entire kids and with an automatic attendance system, the school ensures the safety of every child with accurate counts of pick-up and drop. A passengers bus transporting companywould use the GPS vehicle tracking system from Tracking2u on their omnibus so that if the person boarding from a stop would check for the bus live GPS location directly with a link sent to ticket booked mobile number or get instant SMS updates on the phone about last location and time to arrive next location.For clearing safety, the traveler's bus is advising the passengers to share the same link to their parents in the chat networking app like Whatsapp, Telegram, where they can check destination reaching the time of their family members and get ready for a pick-up, ifits un-time.

Chances are that the GPS technology development has paved way for their involvement in personal use other than vehicle security alone where you become a virtual protector for your kid by introducing a personal GPS tracker from Tracking2u. Especially there is a facility available with this T2u GPS tracker name “virtual fence”, where one can draw boundaries by setting alerts and if the GPS tagged person crosses the line such as school or play area then the parent will be signaled with alert in their mobile phone. Next on the list is, GPS asset tracker where one can affix it to a highly valuable non-movable thing like in a vault and as this is a battery charged operating GPS device with 20+ days of power backup which can get attached to a national, international shipment for a safe reach of the parcel and reflects current satellite location as above.

CCTV Camera System

Tracking2u doesn’t stop there on security as do we provide high-quality CCTV Camera with a recording resolution of 720P HD, 1080P Full HD with looking for the perfect coverage over the premises, our technician would do a direct visit and provide you with a perfect number of cameras and DVR. The CCTV surveillance camera can be installed for both domestic and commercial purposes with different types of cameras such as from normal dome camera to 360® or PTZ camera with each one has its purpose and installed as needed. If can’t do cabling on-premises or want to omit the ugly lining of black wires on the walls then one can go for a wireless CCTV camera where the HD video gets recorded in a micro-sd card and transmits the live feeding through the internet which can be seen by an authorized person from around the globe. There may be some commercial places like banks, jeweler shops, and other financial places that require 24/7 CCTV surveillance where no lights are available, no need to worry Tracking2u gives solution for that with infrared/night vision camera even on pitch black times by passing on the video signals to hard-disk that meant for non-stop recording process through its lifetime. Tracking2u always encourages customers to have the HIKVISION brand, it will be hassle-free for warranty claims on a repair with the bill, and that too we do carry the procedure while compared to other un-branded local items which may also wear, tear and stop working after one week.

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Tracking2u makes sure the vehicle on the rightmost route with the GPS tracker from the owner’s office desk itself with setting alerts if moved onto through another way, so one can save fuel as well as make sure the timely delivery of goods and products. You may also employ a GPS vehicle tracking system on your bikes in addition to a physical and alarm lock to ensure its safety even it’s parked on the roadside, were in a country like India where one can’t always expect enough authorized reserve parking space. It can be attached to individual cars and jeeps to monitor the driving habits of their children with speed, fuel level, route history, etc.

With a personal GPS tracker keep your playing kids, disabled kids, and older citizens to monitor them always and with an emergency SOS button for getting instant help. In a joint operation of GPS signal received navigation system like latest android auto facility and GPS tracking system from Tracking2u, anyone can save investment on their vehicles, ensure safety delivery, increased mileage,avoid harsh driving and so on.Withone-time purchase + free service and little subscription charge from next year with24/7 hourexpertisecustomer service then say, Tracking2u, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.


Gps vehicle tracking system


The Transportation and Logistics industry has to face daily challenges when it comes to keeping up the timely delivery of goods, made ease with tracking2u.

Gps tracker


We offer state of the art services when it comes to monitoring vehicles in the travel, from your office seat itself at your palm and makes sure that all the vehicles are running within the virtual boundary limit.

Gps tracker


Keep your children and grown old parents close to you with the GPS personal tracker all the time and an SOS feature button when they need help.

Gps vehicle tracker


In the fast and hectic world of today, both parents, as well as school administration, are the very much concerned safety of children while boarding a school bus.

vehicle tracker


Protect your costly bike from theft with more than just physical locks, in a more secure way by GPS tracker with the location of GPS receiver device.

vehicle tracker


For tracking real time location of the bus by passenger.

vehicle tracking system


Get regular updates on the family members driving status (Speed, Location, and Trip History etc.,) and security of the car.

vehicle tracker


Efficient and safe operations are vital to the energy industry, particularly those involved with oil & gas production, exploration, and supplies with fuel monitoring service.

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Gps tracking system
Gps tracking system
Gps tracking system
Gps tracking system
Gps tracking system
Gps tracking system
Gps tracking system
Gps tracking system