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Really Happy with it. If we have any problems we call the helpline and they are very friendly and helpful. No issues.

Great service.. works perfectly. always on point with tracking and Leon is always helpful. Thanks again guys this is one the best tracking systems I have used..

A fantastic improvement to our free summer shuttle bus. Everyone can actually see where the bus is; instead of guessing. Huge improvement on numbers using the service.
Mr.Syed Ibrahim

Recently had an attempted theft of my Bobcat, so I decided to install a track my ride to make sure I would always be able to find it should someone steal it. I had Dynolink in Townsville supply and install the unit, now I can track it live on my phone or computer and get alerts if it is started during certain hours or if it goes outside a certain ...

Feel happy that we can check on it at any time!

Simple yet feature packed. Best money I have spent. Thx

What a fabulous way to be able to keep track of your vehicles- we have installed only on 1 to see how it went- we love it and gives us peace of mind knowing where it is at all times, knowing employees are going to the right places at the right times etc. will be looking into getting it installed on at least one other vehicle in the near future.

The system works really well for me it keeps track of my drivers and if they speed I have set the SMS to send them a text and me an email. This lets them to know to slow down and reminds the that their driving is always monitored and recorded.